What is the Goal of a Weight Loss Challenge?

Weight Loss ChallengeObviously, the goal of a weight loss challenge is to lose weight, but I’ve been noticing a little bit of a disturbing trend on Facebook and other social media networks lately. A lot of my friends have joined weight loss challenges to lose weight. These weight loss challenges are great because they foster a sense of accountability and competition that result in large groups of people losing weight together.


But what happens when the weight loss challenge is over? That’s where the disturbing trend comes in. On more than a few occasions I’ve seen my friends post a status on Facebook that reads something like this, “Wooo! I’m down 10 pounds thanks to the weight loss challenge. It was rough, but I did it. Thank God it’s over! Bring on the candy and burgers!”


Candy and burgers? Why did you do the weight loss challenge in the first place? It’s great that you lost the 10 pounds, but now you’re going to put 15 back on. That doesn’t make much sense.

So, What is the goal of a weight loss challenge?

A weight loss challenge is a way to jump-start your healthy lifestyle. However, just because the challenge has an end-date, doesn’t mean that your healthy lifestyle should. Use the length of the weight loss challenge to acclimate your body to your new lifestyle. Notice how much energy you have and how good your body feels. Then, when the weight loss challenge is over, keep it going. Keep it going forever. Being healthy for 6 weeks is great, but canceling that out by being extra-unhealthy when the challenge is over is pretty stupid.

Be smart. Stay healthy.

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