Weight Loss Challenge Results – May 2013

Weight Loss Challenge 2These are the final results of a 6 week long Weight Loss Challenge that occurred April 11th through May 25th, 2013. Each contestant weighed in once a week and the results were measured in percentage of total weight lost.

Each competitor paid $30 to join and there were a total of 11 contestants.

1st place – Brett lost 13.1% of his weight (over 43 pounds!) and takes home $165!

2nd place – Katie lost 10.7% and gets $100!

3rd place – Kelly lost 7.8% and walks away with $65 CASH!

4th – Debbie 4.5%

5th – Lauren – 4.0%

6th – Marisela – 2.9%

7th – Bekki – 2.8%

8th – Mike – 2.4%

9th – Justin – 2.1%

10th – Ian – 1.4%

11th – Stacy – 0.9%

Congratulations to all of our competitors

A total of 115.4 pounds lost overall in only 6 weeks!

Photo Courtesy of Tulane Public Relations

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