Weight Loss Challenge Results – December 2013

WLCThese are the final results of a 8 week long Weight Loss Challenge that occurred October 24th through December 21st, 2013. Each contestant weighed in once a week and the results were measured in percentage of total weight lost.

Each competitor paid $30 to join and there were a total of 18 contestants. I also added a $100 Holiday Bonus to the Pot!

1st Place – Dawn won her second consecutive Weight Loss Challenge losing 11.27% and took the Grand Prize of $320!

2nd Place – Chelsea shed 10.5% of her weight and walked away with $190!

3rd Place – Kyle dropped 8.16% and pocketed $130!

The top 3 contestants were using the Herbalife Advanced Program along with the Protein Drink Mix and Aloe Concentrate.

4th Place – Dylan – 6.60%

5th Place – Haley – 6.02%

6th Place – Tyra – 5.87%

7th Place – Kim – 5.55%

8th Place – Jeff – 3.93%

9th Place – Drew – 2.98%

10th Place – Heather – 2.57%

11th Place – Bekki – 2.57%

12th Place – Caitlyn – 1.50%

A combined 136 pounds were lost during this challenge! Congratulations to everyone!

Our next Challenge will be 6 weeks long, running from January 9th – Februrary 22nd

A Weight Loss Challenge is a great way to get a group of people to not only lose weight, but get competitive and have some fun! If you are interested in running a Weight Loss Challenge out of your Home or at your Workplace, please contact Austin @ AustinKnight5@Yahoo.com for more details!

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