LaVern’s Nutritional Journey

Struggle is Over!!!LaVern Robinson

After pregnancy, it was extremely difficult to find the time to workout like I used to.  Of course, I would take the walk around the neighborhood, the runs in the parks, and visit the gym BUT… the weight was stubborn coming off!

Who would have thought in just SEVEN WEEKS I lost 17 pounds in the a WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE using Herbalife Products (Formula 1, Herbal Concentrate, Protein Drink Mix, Aloe Water). Since the WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE at Louvier’s Nutrition Stoppe in Newark the weight is still coming off. Today, I still continue the Nutritional Plan and see an increased improvement in fat loss and muscle gain.  I have and will continue to enjoy my journey and share my success with others. I am loving every minute of helping others achieve their own WEIGHT LOSS AND NUTRITIONAL GOALS!  Don’t wait until the NEW YEAR to make a NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION.  Start TODAY..

Increase your energy and stamina

Build muscle and lose the fat

Shop in your own closet

Start your own WEIGHT LOSS challenge with the ones you love

If you want to start your weight loss journey now, contact me at

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