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Herbalife3I was diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease about 5 years ago and it is often a struggle to find gluten free food that actually taste good!  I do have to say that the breads and pretzels have come a long way, but it is still not the same as a slice of potato bread!

Think you may have a Gluten Intolerance? Check out this website to see if you have any symptoms.

Herbalife has done a great job of making several options available for individuals following a gluten free diet.  There are currently four healthy meal options that are gluten free.  Vanilla, Pumpkin Spice, Pina Colada and Vanilla Allergen Free.

The protein options are not gluten free.   I recommend using 2 scoops of healthy meal in place of the protein if you are following a gluten free diet.

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  1. Jasmine Teo says:


    I am from Malaysia. I have diagnoses gluten intolerance few months ago by having bloated stomach and difficulty to digest any food that I’ve eat, also pimple and growing all over my chest, my back and face. I cut down entirely on bread, wheat product, milk and my skin got so much better and I did not have bloated stomach unless I eat something like cakes.

    I had the normal Herbalife F1 milk shake for 11 days now and I have experienced constipation and huge pimples started to grow at my back and face. Also, each time after the milk shake my stomach will experience a lot of gas. So I asked the sales person to show me the nutrition facts written on the product and I discovered the word “contain gluten, soy and milk”. I have stopped using the nutrition from today but I like it very much until I find out that you are gluten intolerance too and herbalife do have a F1 which is gluten free. However where can I buy the product from as Malaysia do not have it.

    Your kindness replied will be much appreciated.

    Thank you and best regards,

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