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Obstacle RaceThere’s no better way to show off your new physique than competing in a race/event. Sometimes you need to just sign up for a race or activity for the motivation to get in shape. How much easier is it to go work out when you are training for a half-marathon or getting in shape for a mud run? I’ve compiled a list of different races and events to help broaden your horizons and find your niche.

Here are some tips in order to be successful with training and scheduling:

      1. Find someone to train with you – Whether it be 20 people you work with or your best friend/significant other. The more people you have involved, the more fun the entire process will be and the more likely one of the members will find ways to keep everyone involved and motivated!

      2. Commit to your race or event early – Give yourself ample time to train and find more people to compete with you. Depending on the event, sign up at least 2-3 months beforehand. Being financially invested in the event will motivate you to train harder, knowing you already spent $100 will keep you from backing out and coming up with excuses.

      3. Start Small – If you have never run more than 2 miles consecutively, start out with training for a 5k. There are plenty of couch to 5k training plans ( that only take 9 weeks. Training too hard too fast is the quickest route to injury.

      4. Have Fun – Enjoy spending time with your training partners and getting out and being active! There will be days you look at each other and wonder what you got yourself into and there will be days you look at each other and realize your next activity will be shopping as you notice your friend’s pants are looking a little too big from the weight they have lost.

Here are events I have competed in or plan to over the next few years:

Warrior DashBetween 3-4 miles long and 10-15 obstacles. In terms of mud runs, this is one of the shortest but also has some of the toughest obstacles. Costs $60-$100.

Spartan Race – Around 5 miles long and 10-15 obstacles. A middle distance obstacle course. Costs $50-$100.

Savage Race5 miles long. 25 obstacles. Middle distance with a ton of obstacles. Costs $60-$100.

Tough Mudder10-14 miles long and around 25 obstacles. This is the marathon of mud runs. I completed one and it was the best day of my life. It took approximately 4 hours to complete with light jogging between obstacles. Costs $100-$200.
Mudder Guide – The ultimate guide for everyone who wants to join a
Tough Mudder. Here you can find training programs for free and much more.

The Zombie Mud Run – 3.1 miles long. 10-15 obstacles. This one involves zombies chasing you during the mud run trying to grab your flags, once you lose your flags, you become a zombie yourself! Costs $35-105.

Color Me Rad 5k3.1 miles long. This event involves running a 5k while people throw color at you until you look like this! ——->Color

Great event for all ages as the miles will fly by and you’ll soon look like a rainbow. Costs $35-$55

The Color Run – 3.1 miles long.

      1. Wear white at the starting line

      2. Run a 5k

      3. Finish plastered in color

It’s as simple as that! Costs $35-$50

Other ways to find races: a composite of all kinds of different races for each region.

www.marathonguide.comWant to find the perfect Marathon? Here you go.

www.Races2Run.comThis is a local website to DE with as many running events as they can gather. A great website for the local running community. Can’t find one in your area, start a new one!

Obstacle Race Photo Courtesy of Alan Levine

Color Me Rad Photo Courtesy of Sebastien Barre

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  1. Tony Banawa says:

    I love running these races and staying active. My 70 year old father still does spartan races as well and motivates many of his elder friends to live a healthier lifestyle.

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